Clientele: News in Brief

Way to Slay Alberta!

We’re proud to be part of Innovations of the World: Innovate Alberta Edition, an internationally respected project that creates books and multimedia work featuring emerging tech and startup ecosystems globally.

Alberta has certainly been making its mark and Start Me Up PR is amped to be featured along with several of our current and past PR partners, clients and friends.

Shout out and round of 👏 Brahm Glickman, Sven Boermeester and the Innovations Team, Maureen Henderson and the University Innovation Quarter Calgary for helping to bring this work to our province. Congrats to our current and past PR partners, friends, and all who participated; we’re proud to be part of your ecosystem and region.

🔗Metiquity Ventures
🔗Buoyancy Works
🔗Stellar Game Assets
🔗Tacit Edge

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Clientele: News in Brief