Introducing Bad News: PR You Can’t Use

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WTF is up with this name? “Bad PR?” Aren’t you a PR agency?
If you weren’t born in the ’80s… then you might not know that sometimes bad is good 🤯.

Authentic storytelling and media relations should be gritty, uncomfortable, and perhaps a tad intrusive. It’s about embracing vulnerability and showcasing your journey, cracks in the veneer and all… because it’s those cracks that let the light in.

Risk and Reward…
If you’re not at least a little scared of telling your story, it’s probably not worth telling. We’ll guide you through the discomfort and empower you to speak authentically.

Changemakers and thought leaders don’t always make everyone happy. If you’re after good PR without risk, you might not be doing it right. Leaning into those vulnerabilities and failures can often help us achieve great results in the future.

Why stay subscribed?
If you’re a founder, an artist, an entrepreneur or an entity who’s even slightly interested in media, art, tech, innovation, startups, scaleups… if you’ve been fascinated by the evolution of storytelling since Marshall McLuhan coined the term “the medium is the message,” this is your jam.

What’s included?
Monthly doses of news, reviews, and harsh truths to keep your PR game sharp. It won’t flood your inbox; it’s designed to inform, inspire, and EMPOWER. We’ll dive into content areas such as:

📺 Media & PR in Pop Culture
From Drake to Drag, learn how PR can go south faster than a comet.

💡 Slow down the Spin, Crank up the Heart:
In a world of changing algorithms, your story should remain constant. Be a barracuda, speak your truth and build trust.

🚀 Failure to Launch, Ticket to Ride:
If your big idea flopped, your media release went unread, and your likes remain less than optimal… we’ve got the tools to launch you into the stratosphere of awareness.

📜 Do it for the Plot:
Crafting the perfect pitch isn’t just about your product, but the narrative.
Dive into conflict theories, figure out who your ‘heroes’ are and unleash your inner storyteller.

✒️ POE-try:
Paid, Owned and Earned media.
What are they, and how can they help you scale your endeavours?

🤖 Artificial Influencers:
How can we use AI to inform our content impactfully,
storytelling strategies and tactics.

🔥 We’re here to help you tell stories so bad, they’re goooo… worth googling.

Our Editorial Team is a mix of journalists, marketers, and flacks, united by one belief:

There’s No SPIN unless it’s the black circle.

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Introducing Bad News: PR You Can’t Use