Tip Of The Month: Strike While The Iron Is Hot Hot Hot

Got a story you want to share? Well, what are you waiting for?

Launch, announce, declare on social media and informing the Press CORPS!

Even if your story hinges on a specific date, chances are that date will creep up on you far quicker than first anticipated. For this reason, there’s no harm in starting to piece a press release together one step at a time to ensure all of the right information is on paper and ready for action when the time comes — missing some information at this point? Well, there’s no need to clamour over those pesky loose ends —you’re working ahead of time, baby!

However, if your startup is building momentum and you don’t want the blinding lights of your newfound clout to fade away too fast, you can also get in touch with journalists and give them a ‘temperature check’ on your story. Basically, this means giving your favourite/most familiar journalists a first peek at the upcoming story to see whether they would be interested in a scoop. This way, you’re showing appreciation to the journos in your ecosystem while (hopefully) lining up some preemptive press for your story.

If you’re unsure of how to put together a press release and where to share your story with the world, KEEP SUBSCRIBING TO THIS NEWSLETTER.

We will have templates and easy-to-understand best practice docs and tools coming out soon — geared towards founders, entrepreneurs and artists alike.

Alternatively, it’s worth remembering that not all stories are on a media-release level.

Sometimes, the best thing your startup can do (both in terms of effort and payoff) is to post on social media. We know, We know, it seems a little less significant that way; but maybe there’s a good reason for that. If your story isn’t worth a press release it most likely won’t get picked up, which means your story has officially gone kaput. Here’s the good news, all that work you put into your media relations content, it can and SHOULD be easily re-purposed across your social media platforms.

According to Score.org a massive 77% of businesses use social media to reach customers, with 44% of these using social platforms to build brand awareness. With this in mind, what harm could come from building your brand awareness by sharing a smaller story, bypassing the pain and effort of putting together a media release?

A win is a win, so grab the keys and drive like you stole it.

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Tip Of The Month: Strike While The Iron Is Hot Hot Hot