Media Relations 101

Tell them how it will change their lives and make people care…

An announcement, new business, or product does NOT equal a STORY or media release.

PEOPLE must be impacted, for the good, or bad. In your case, let's make sure it's good. No "if it bleeds it lede's stuff." Okay? Yikes! No ambulance chasing (unless you have an app for that). Keep it on the positive, and CHANGE LIVES on the B-side.

You're already engaged! But... you could use a propel with traditional media and amplifying:

Take a shot package: Starting at $1500 for organic distribution of your completed release. Wire and Syndication options are also available. Talk to us for more info. 

If your story and brand is fully baked, we’ll take the risk on your media release and you. Take a shot at a media release and we’ll read it, edit it and shop it to our connections and lists. This works for those who want to supplement their own media relations with more outreach, contact points, and a bit more strategy help and access to broader touch points…  But let’s see where you’re at and decide what’s right for you. 

Just Starting Up? You need more support:

Media relations, communications and content services (POE) – not Edgar Allan, we’re talking about your PAID, OWNED, EARNED media strategy. Let’s make sure you’re fully loaded instead of half-cocked: a la carte, long-term, or when you need us.

A full meal is a curated combo of your story told through content, social media, media relations.

Start Me UP PR delivers beyond what an agency does because your account is handled by Theresa, not farmed out to a junior team. Media relations is powered by relationships with local contacts and as well as global monitoring systems and lists.

When it comes to Brand Storytelling, Start Me UP PR  comes with 20 + years experience in journalism and content marketing strategy. Bespoke storytelling.

Interested in the take a shot package? Sign up here ↓

This is too time consuming and you don't want to do it? We've got a "Borg" for that... Make first contact and let's flesh it out