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Speak your truth, OWN your story.

We are a boutique-style PR agency for every emerging, innovative entrepreneur & team in the galaxy
… the algorithms are always changing, your story shouldn’t.


We Do

From brand storytelling to media relations, Start Me Up PR helps craft winning strategies.

Public Relations for digital disruptors, fearless founders, startup & scale-ups, as well as the investors and orgs who support & help rocket fuel them to new planetary heights.

Start Me Up Pr discovers and executes ways to get the word directly to the right audiences.


We combine and grow strategy around:

Why We Do It

We are born to shout loud & proud

We are experienced communications & content strategists,  journalists, photographers and visual creators.

We believe in those we work with

We’re amped about your purpose and mission. By nature, our founder is driven to sing it from the mountains, capture it visually, write for posterity and move it across mediums and channels.

Curators, storytellers, and magic-makers with a penchant for media strategy and years of experience in the trade.

How We Do It

Create content that matters and moves people

Offer your audiences authenticity and integrity, in the form of content that impacts, interests, inspires and engages. This is the bedrock to your successful brand story. Tell don’t sell… show don’t tell. 

We do it through strategizing a combination of communications tactics around Paid, Owned, and Earned Media routes; and we start with organic storytelling.  

Pivot the tactics, avoid meteors and black holes — but keep the ship and STORY straight to avoid crash landing.

What Makes Us


We’re not here to people-please and neither should you

Public Relations is an area that CEOs, founders, leadership and every team should be able to trust as a soundboard of consistent measured advice.

We tell it like it is with kindness, morph to your needs and listen with our full head and heart and we jive with you but we won’t placate for the sake of a dollar bill. 

Our founder is hands on with clients, meaning we focus on a small number of groups and founders at a time, giving them our all. 

…  our approach is actually pretty old school build it and they will come; ie. communicate to the right audiences with authenticity and passion and you will reach people.

We’re fun and personal… but we get the job done

Your story should be refined, but we know under every organization and founder’s hood there’s a unique alien whose elements need to be appreciated.

What makes you different is your meal ticket — wield the weird, embrace the eccentric, and utilize the unique, then polish it up and send it out into the universe.

Public Relations With Heart

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