Theresa Tayler founded Start Me Up Pr Inc. in 2021 with her dog Lilly. She will help you execute tayler’d-media strategies (minus the puns) that tell the world who you are so that you can make your mark — your STORY your way.

Theresa fell in love with communicating the inherent importance of fostering our innovation and technology sectors while working in media relations and communications at a Canadian science centre, and it kinda just stuck… 

When she’s not helping spearhead content strategy, she can be found with a camera and passport in hand, headed to an airport, highway, dock or spaceship 🚀 and looking for new adventures to document.

Theresa has over 15 years of experience in Content Strategy, Brand Storytelling, Media Relations, Communications and Journalism

She is driven to support emerging market disruptors in technology and beyond. Leaders, founders, entrepreneurs and organizations of all shapes & sizes looking to tell their story with integrity and authenticity.

A career with history heading up award-winning magazine teams, strategies around integrated digital and print content projects, as well as communications/marketing, media relations and content initiatives for various for-profit and non-profit businesses, post-secondary institutions, tech start-ups and women in technology-focused organizations, as well as the investor groups and funds who fuel our economies and communities.

Home town Proud + globally experience & minded

A born and bred Albertan, who has the boots and attitude to prove it. Theresa is proud to be from an entrepreneurial family who helped shape Calgary’s skyline 🌇 🛠, as well as to have been raised and made her career in a province of innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs.

Regionally attuned, globally-aware, with experience working in other countries and cultures.

Metis ♾ and decolonizing her brain and core day by day. Prefers action and uncomfortable conversations to that of canned-land-acknowledgments: OWNing our own STORY is the key to progress. 

Learning everything and anything she can pack into her noggin and heart. Course correcting in life and business with humility and awareness ( in PR speak we call that “failing up”). 

🧡 Our STORY is born from our reality, not a script or key message. The founders and leaders we love and follow are fallible, not crafted talking heads. 

True STORY…  

Photographer + journalist and serial escape artist

Travelled around Tanzania with locals 🎥 to capture footage for tourism partners and local guides; trekked through Iceland alone looking for Huldufólk and waterfalls, and captured scenes in Bogotá’s Egipto neighbourhood (hand holding facilitated by documentary crew and tourism group Breaking Borders).

She likes Patti Smith to Emmylou Harris and Miles Davis, will gladly geek out with marathons of StarTrek Next Gen and Alien(s). She’s willing to go down rabbit & black holes on pop culture topics. In a previous life she was music 🎙 and arts reporter and has the Kris Kristopherson autograph to show for it, if not the backstage pass. She’s also interviewed politicians and police chiefs, so don’t give her the gears ⚙️ 💪 🕵️‍♀️ .

Public Relations With Heart

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