Our approach is raw &

unfiltered, because we believe in getting down to the nitty-gritty

You can’t have polish without a little elbow grease and iteration, that’s what we’re all about. We are your translators and we work with you so that you OWN your story.

Our Story

Founded in 2021 by Theresa Tayler, a communications pro — driven to support emerging market disruptors in technology and beyond — with over 15 years of experience in content Strategy, brand storytelling, media relations, communications, photography and journalism experience. 

Team members are currently located globally and locally (#YYC) and added to projects on spec and talent. We keep our jet fuel costs low, no over head or bricks and mortar.

Our focus is on providing each client with the tools and team they need based on their unique project scope. This approach allows us to engage with talent that is beyond our own galaxy and eco-system.

We believe that strong diversification of ideas and perspectives brings more to the creative table. We love new tech and tactics, but ultimately know that viral stories have head 🧠 and heart 🫀(knees and toes) first and foremost. 

Our Team



Lilly is the boss. She also heads up our “info” line.

Theresa Tayler


Theresa is the founder of Start Me Up PR, she is driven to support emerging-market disruptors in technology and beyond. Leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, and organizations of all shapes & sizes looking to tell their story with integrity and authenticity.

Read more about her here, and connect with Theresa here.

Fresh from the land of Guinness and Hozier, Irish expat Emmét McGonagle is the Lead Scribe and Media Relations Expert at Start Me UP PR Inc., Emmét rolled up their MA Magazine Journalism degree and moved to Canada in 2021, in hopes of sinking their teeth into Calgary’s effervescent tech ecosystem. With previous reporting and social media management experiences including Campaign Magazine (the world’s leading business media brand), Travel Bulletin (a business-to-business travel magazine) OK! Magazine and The Daily Star, Emmét hass experience strategizing and creating story and content for tech companies, artists, venture capital firms and others. Emmét has been making a name for themself as an ‘Irish folk troubadour’ (according to the National Music Centre) with performances such as the 11th Annual Alberta Country Music Awards, Studio Bell and local festival Big Winter Classic. 

The Earth Intruders

Start Me Up PR engages with multiple experts and partners on a project-based need. Our core team includes a few usual suspects:

Emily recently graduated with a Marketing degree featuring a double minor in International Business and Entrepreneurship. She’s driven to match her passions for design and creative skills to pursue a career in visual content that helps organizations showcase their stories. She works with multiple orgs, including the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Mount Royal University. She is also the founder of Meyli, an inclusive and beautiful brand of swimwear that focuses on a unique fit, emphasizing the celebration of ethnic body types, and combating unsustainable production practices.

Amber is a digital marketing strategist and storyteller who loves connecting and building community. She’s helped startups and SMEs grow their businesses through social media campaigns, content creation and graphic design, personalized storytelling, paid advertising, deep-dive analytics, event management and more. She has a background in and passion for theatre. Is an advocate for mental health and the LGBTQ2S+ community and hosts the YYC Queer Innovation Meet-ups to bring the LGBTQ2S+ and innovation community together to collaborate. She works with multiple organizations and is a lead member of the Rainforest Alberta digital marketing and storytelling team.

Speak Your Truth

Our Vision

To be the PR agency of choice for every emerging innovative entrepreneur and team in the galaxy no matter what planet they come from.

Our mission

We help emerging and innovative entrepreneurs, organizations and digital disruptors across the galaxy own and tell their stories by shedding light on often incredibly complex concepts through communications tactics that are old-skool and new-skool.

We won’t stop until we get results in the areas of thought leadership, awareness and reputation through a strategic communications approach that combines the right platforms, tactics and strategies to support and rocket our clients into lead gen, sales … whatever their hearts and missions require. 

Our Values


We are always sure to wear our hearts on our sleeves, and apply our heads as well as our instinct and passion. With us, what you see is what you get. Putting a “spin” on things is a tactic that just doesn’t sit well with anyone. We help you tell the world who you are with absolute integrity, always.


We draw on inspiration from everything and everyone around us. To be clever is to be resourceful and we use lock stock and barrel to come up with innovative solutions that work. We’re the entire Breakfast Club wrapped into one beautiful breakfast burrito, because we know that it takes multiple disciplines to solve a variety of problems.


Individuality is the spice of life, and we like to add a lot of heat. By remaining untraditional, unconventional and utterly unique, we’re able to tell the stories of our clients and reflect what makes them exceptional and unconventional as well. We embrace the weird and promote the peculiar because to us, “normal” is not an option.

Creativity + Experimentation

Just like our favourite cocktail, our approach is perfectly balanced. With equal doses of tried and true techniques + innovation, we’re able to think outside of the box then take calculated risks that pay off. We never settle for one way of doing things and we refuse to be stagnant in our ever-changing industry. Captain Jean-Luc Picard said, “There is a way out of every box, a solution to every puzzle; it’s just a matter of finding it.” We concur, and make it so.


We believe in owning your talent and being ready and willing to share it for the betterment of yourself as well as the folks around you. You already have everything you need to succeed — we’ll show you how to harness it with tailored media strategies that make sense for you. It takes more than a captain to run a ship, so we have all hands on deck, and besides, without a top notch crew who’s going to look out for fast-approaching meteors?

Public Relations With Heart

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